Monthly Archives: March 2016

2016. It’s not getting any better, is it?

I admit to being scared at the moment. This is unusual for me; generally my anxiety levels are low and I face the world with the attitude that I’m not going to worry about the things I cannot change. Unfortunately it is becoming very hard to do that. The attacks in Brussels this week disturbed […]

No new blog entry this week..but

Life is such that I don’t always have time to write.. or rather that the stuff in my brain is not always fit for human consumption. I did finish reading Kneel Downe’s latest book, however – and here is a review: Sporadic Too Infections by Kneel Downe is his seventh book. It’s a compendium of […]

2016 Part three: Paws

David and I have a cat called Paws, who will be 14 years old next month. At least, we hope she will as one of the worst things about 2016 is that we are pretty sure Paws is not going to survive the year. Her kidneys are failing. She has medication which seems to be […]


Part two The morning of the 11th January 2016. I wake up in the comfortable guest bed at my friend’s house at 07:15. My body craves tea as the antidote for last night’s red wine. Something makes me check the BBC news app on my phone before I look at Twitter. Skim through – the […]

2016 – I don’t like it – can we take it back to the shops, please?

London has echoes.