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Life is such that I don’t always have time to write.. or rather that the stuff in my brain is not always fit for human consumption. I did finish reading Kneel Downe’s latest book, however – and here is a review:

Sporadic Too Infections by Kneel Downe is his seventh book. It’s a compendium of short stories, poems and other works touching on Kneel’s previous works and whole new worlds and places.

In Sporadic Too Infections you will encounter poetry in the style of Dr. Seuss, the Phantastical Phazelords, the wisdom of Amelia and Owl, tales from the world of the Wolf..and so much more.

This book throws you samples of the worlds Kneel has created, the characters, the power and drive of his poetry. If you haven’t read his works before it will make you want to discover more. If, like me, Kneel’s books are already a part of your life then you may well find yourself compelled to go back and read them all again.

Yes, there is darkness in Kneel’s world; dystopian landscapes, chemicals that are terrible and strange, more kinds of madness than it is possible to count. But, in the heart of the darkness is a humour that sparks. Sometimes dark and evil but also with a strong sense of the absurd, the crazy, the surreal.

Don’t mention the Postmen.

Here are some linkies:

The Virulent Blurb – Kneel’s website

Buy the book from

Kneel’s Amazon page

I was lucky enough to meet Kneel last year- he signed one of his books for me and gave me a good tickling when this photo was being taken!



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