Monthly Archives: August 2016

I’ve got a Drug

You live inside me Like an incurable disease But I’ve got a drug To hide the symptoms   The sickness won’t die You are poison in my system But I’ve got a drug To take the pain away   I used to wear you Like a blanket around my corpse But I’ve got a drug […]

Beating Still

If I gave you my heart What would you do with it? Bundle it away Into a cupboard.   Tangled up with cables And cassette tapes Forgotten and mislaid But beating still.   I won’t give you my heart You have no use for it Your cupboards are Already too full.   I’ll hold it […]

It’s been a while..

I haven’t written anything for ages, and I think I know why. I started carrying a notebook around to catch little random thoughts and ideas in as my brain was sparking along quite nicely and then… …nothing. Complete dearth of creativity of any kind. I was being extremely presumptive to assume that my brain would […]