It’s been a while..

Under the bridge

I haven’t written anything for ages, and I think I know why. I started carrying a notebook around to catch little random thoughts and ideas in as my brain was sparking along quite nicely and then…

…nothing. Complete dearth of creativity of any kind. I was being extremely presumptive to assume that my brain would throw me anything worth writing down. Sorry, brain. Won’t happen again.

There are things I could have written about, and things I still might get to. Since April I have:

  • Had a poem published.
  • Been through a cancer scare.
  • Become better acquainted with some incredible people including one or two I hope to have by my side for many years to come. If I can only be so lucky!!
  • Found myself in Brussels in the aftermath of the Brexit referendum.
  • Seen Kraftwerk live.
  • Spent far too long in my old home town.

And here I am on a rare evening alone catching up with myself.

Home alone


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