a flash in the rear view

A word about this one: this poem may seem to be a little brutal to some. Just to reassure anyone who might be worried about my mental state though; I’m fine. What you are seeing here is scar tissue. It’s all healed pretty well and only tugs and twists a little bit sometimes! 

I tweeted this on 6th October 2016 as part of National Poetry Day.

I’m easy to forget

The first-born child

Left by her father

When she hit thirteen


I’m easy to forget

No-one wants

The ugly duckling

In the Christmas play


I’m easy to forget


A waste of space

At the school reunion


I’m easy to forget

The one who tried

To win your heart

Although you were gay


I’m easy to forget

I moved away

Out of sight

And nothing to recall


I’m easy to forget

A flash in the rear view

A shadow on the wall

A smear or a stain


It’s easy to forget

That I’m still here

Almost against

All viable odds


I never forget

That I’ve been forgotten

Though sometimes I even

Forget myself.



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