An update.. yes, look surprised.


I haven’t had the time or energy to write much of late; work has been insane and exhausting and real life for me has also been an intense time of excitement, wonder and occasional adventure, leaving little time for reflection and even less for typing. And if I were to start to write about what is happening in the wider world, I fear I wouldn’t be able to stop! So much to say, but unempowered to do anything about it.

So, good news. I wrote about my cat Paws here: 2016 Part three: Paws

We feared that she would die in 2016. I am very pleased to report that she is alive and well and a very happy pussycat indeed!

Paws will be 15 years old this year and her kidneys are failing her, but the medication she gets every day is keeping things stable. In fact, she almost seems to have a new lease of life. Last summer she actually went out hunting. These last few years she’d mainly been happy to watch Ravi chase down the shrews, mice and baby rats but she was doing it for herself and loving every minute!

She’s not so keen on going out when it’s cold and icy, but she still gets playful. Mainly at night, after we’ve gone to bed. We can always tell how busy she’s been by the number of catnip mice on the landing rug (AKA Paws’ rug) in the morning. Once she’s collected them all I redistribute them around the house so she can start again.


Nothing wrong with her appetite, either. We still have to restrict her food intake as having a lower weight helps her to tackle the diabetes that comes with the kidney problems. This does mean that, on the weekend, and sometimes on weekdays too, I am rudely awoken by a long-clawed black paw biffing me in the face. A cross, furry little madam who wants her breakfast. And she does not take no for answer.  So if you ever see me with a scratch on my face, or on my neck, it’s a Paws Breakfast Related Injury.

So there you have it, starting 2017 on a positive note. Live long and prosper, BabyPaws.



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