World Poetry Day

It was World Poetry Day on 21st March. I have no idea why, it just was. And a couple of little poems came to me on the day – which I shared on Twitter (I’m @cupoftea69). I wrote another later the same week. They are nothing special – I’m still learning after all – but I’m quite pleased with them. They are collected here:


For now I’ve seen your beauty

It can never be unseen

No matter what others

May think about you


You showed me your beauty

Then hid it away

And tried to deny

That it existed


The beauty of the dark

And of love,

and of sadness

Is always in you

When you are with me

You can be who you like

Wear a different face

If you’d like to


I love who you are

But I sense in you

The yearning for

A clean slate


So when you’re with me

Be who you will become

And I’ll love you

Just the same

I’m not going to look for you

Because I feel that you are gone

And it pains my heart so much

To know for sure


Confirmation of your absence

In the places where we played

Leaves me bruised and aching

A punctured vein


I know that you are out there

And sometimes our paths will cross

But you aren’t looking for me

So I’ll pass by


Tear drained eyes are a reminder

I won’t find you anymore

I can only play ‘hide’ now

And never ‘seek’



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