Monthly Archives: April 2017


At my feet I see I’ve built a cairn of stones A stone for every good time Every happy moment spent with you A stone for each precious memory   They fit so well, as stones seem to do Weeks pass and the cairn grows higher Delicate pebbles of muted hues A stone for each […]

The Woman

The man who sings the songs to her Has gone to bed ‘Until tomorrow’ He says   The woman, who can only listen Is left alone She takes a tablet And rests   The self-obsessed opportunist Messages But it’s clearly all About them   The woman has her troubles and Sympathises But can only do […]

Forgive Me

I think I know what love is But it may be I’m confused There are so many feelings That cause such pain   I know all about needing Cos I’m as needy as fuck Dependency addiction And junkie rage   As for all the wanting So much, all of the time The rush of emotion […]

My own hand

The day it died It was still a surprise Although we know that All things die   And when it died I was astonished To find the gun in My own hand   And so it died To my amazement I didn’t seem to Want to mourn   So it lies dead And I’m bemused […]


For a while I felt like I’d been rescued from a skip An old piece of furniture A new lease of life   To be restored and polished And admired once more A little new upholstery A fresh lick of paint   But then I realized The parts that were me Were being stripped out […]

Keep it for myself

It wouldn’t be a gift Because you wouldn’t want it This bundle of things I have for you I have to keep to myself   You’d hand it back to me And say that you were grateful But the parcel wasn’t meant for you I have to keep it for myself   You’d be polite […]