At my feet I see I’ve built a cairn of stones

A stone for every good time

Every happy moment spent with you

A stone for each precious memory


They fit so well, as stones seem to do

Weeks pass and the cairn grows higher

Delicate pebbles of muted hues

A stone for each special time


Remember when we first got close?

You said that we shared the same mind

And there’s the stone for our first kiss

A stone for every stolen moment


But there are other rocks around

Dark stones for careless hurts

I don’t want to add them to our cairn

Of stones for all the good times


Yet I fear that they belong here too

They are part of us, can’t be ignored

I know they’d cause the cairn to crumble

Random stones for times of me and you


Instead I take the jagged cursed rocks

So sharp they cause my skin to bleed

And place them in a circle around

My precious cairn of stones


A line of evil around what is good

To remind me to keep it safe

Not to let my powers of destruction

Rip apart our cairn of stones


For if the stones lay scattered at my feet

Though I could build the cairn again

It would never be the same

And I’d turn and walk away


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