Monthly Archives: October 2018


When we first met We were dizzy and enraptured Longing to find A place to be alone   When we were alone We were wanton and empassioned Hoping to find Each other’s hearts   In summer heat We were too hot to touch But still we found Some loving words   When we last met […]


The mistress of deception Sits in First Class And nobody knows She is anything but   The mistress of deception She dyes her hair But everyone knows She’s grey not brown   The mistress of deception Has a lover But hasn’t been fucked For many a year   The mistress of deception Makes bad mistakes […]

Rain #Haiku

I can hear the rain Falling softly in the night And I miss my love

Look to me

When promises are broken They are broken by me   When the wrong words are spoken They are spoken by me   When failure arises The failure is mine   When things go wrong Look to me   Look to me As I’ll try to right the wrong   And failures of mine I’ll try […]

Arched Back Memories

Yes, I can say that I love you In the times when you are mine And then in the afterglow of the Arched back memories and kisses But in the grey fuzz of real life The scanty snatched conversation Do I still love you then?   To want the weight of your body on mine […]

Autumn Heart

Autumn heart is yearning For a year sped by so fast Remembering a summer And dreams and loves now past   Autumn heart is warm with The thoughts of Halloween The dark days of witches gone Though glimpses can be seen   Autumn heart will wonder About life, death and spring And shiver in the […]

Are we?

Are you still here? I thought I saw you leaving Although I missed your goodbye Am I still here? I’m sitting here in silence And so No-one speaks to me Are we still here? As friends, lovers or at all? It seems Our time is now past Yes, we’re still here Despite all of the […]