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Umbrellas, kisses, and you

You sent me a snippet of rain The blissful hiss of its fall The splash of water on tarmac And I, in parching heat Imagine dark wet nights Umbrellas, kisses and you. Thank you for my rain Everything is missed When gone too long Advertisements

No Longer

I can no longer write about you For you no longer hold My heart in your fist I can no longer write about you Although your words remain An echo in the night I can no longer write about you You are not quite gone yet But stand at the door I can no longer […]

Painful Truth

Placeholder conversations Snatched words – for we have no time To be together, to be in love.   Skin deep interactions Routine words – for we do not dare To scratch deeper – to ever touch   Skating on the surface Keep it simple, for we cannot want To share our feelings, to tell the […]


I miss seeing you But when you don’t want me here There’s no fucking point


If I was a Lord of Time Both of my hearts would beat for you And all of my lives Would be yours   And you would be my TARDIS We could speed away together And have adventures For always   Time and space would never be Something that could keep us apart For it […]


Domesticated for so long Tame, obedient and loving The Beast within sleeps as he waits   One day the cage will open The Wolf springs out into freedom Never to be entrapped again   But when the road grows weary He’ll be so welcome at my door The stray dog who came home at last


Don’t be afraid of the broken people For their damage is not contagion   And you of course are broken too Just not as much as they seem to be Or perhaps your cracks and voids Are more cunningly hidden   I fear everyone is broken We try to view ourselves as complete Yet see […]