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Lonely – at the bottom of the lake Ears filled with your own noise Head with your own thoughts Unseeable Lonely – but you cannot stay there Have to rise, to break the surface Head above the water Look around you Lonely – yes there may be people there Do not have to speak to […]

Where you find it

Love is where you find it It does not need to be On a sunset beach Or candlelit table   Love is lurking everywhere It has no pride Lives in cyberspace And supermarkets   Love can sometimes hide It likes disguises Behind a mask Of tricks and treats   Love is where you find it […]

The Battle

I am too old to be me But too young to be anyone else The brain wants to stay Whilst the body goes home Body wearied of the flesh Will return to dust – or to ashes To rest, renounce the skin Finally exhausted By the hunger of the brain To keep growing, learning and […]

Thoughts/ Feelings

I am my thoughts I am my feelings For my physical shell now Is withered and hollow   You are your thoughts You are your feelings I adore even that which I do not yet understand   We are our thoughts We are our feelings Let them keep us together Not rip us apart   […]


The rules of this relationship:   1) You have to be lonely All the time And   2) It has to make you happy Mainly So   3) When you are sad You cannot say Then   4) He never misses you When you’re gone But   5) You miss him so much That it […]


When we first met We were dizzy and enraptured Longing to find A place to be alone   When we were alone We were wanton and empassioned Hoping to find Each other’s hearts   In summer heat We were too hot to touch But still we found Some loving words   When we last met […]


The mistress of deception Sits in First Class And nobody knows She is anything but   The mistress of deception She dyes her hair But everyone knows She’s grey not brown   The mistress of deception Has a lover But hasn’t been fucked For many a year   The mistress of deception Makes bad mistakes […]