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Autumn Heart

Autumn heart is yearning For a year sped by so fast Remembering a summer And dreams and loves now past   Autumn heart is warm with The thoughts of Halloween The dark days of witches gone Though glimpses can be seen   Autumn heart will wonder About life, death and spring And shiver in the […]

Are we?

Are you still here? I thought I saw you leaving Although I missed your goodbye Am I still here? I’m sitting here in silence And so No-one speaks to me Are we still here? As friends, lovers or at all? It seems Our time is now past Yes, we’re still here Despite all of the […]


I hope the storm awaits you now The lightning poised to strike the trees The cyclone to replace the breeze The wind to whip your face And when it comes, the dreadful storm The broken pieces everywhere Tranquility swapped for despair No shelter to be found I wish the storm upon you for You need […]

New Adventures

I watch you as you go And open other doors To new adventures And other loves I knew this day would come So I raise a glass To new adventures And other loves

London Bourbon

Dark sweetness on our lips And deep imbibed Tongues suffused As they entwine Dark sweetness of desire Engulfs thirsty souls Twisted hearts Must share the heat Dark sweetness of our love Stolen, borrowed Alcohol burns And leaves its scar Dark sweetness I recall Hot summer night Midst of the city But quite alone

Problems with Online Relationships #467

When you fuck off you don’t say goodbye You just disappear mid-stream Ok then, I think This conversation is over   When you fuck off you don’t say goodbye And I try to wish you well Have a nice day Hope to see you again   When you fuck off you don’t say goodbye And […]

Clouds #Haiku

Flying over the clouds Pure sunlight blessing my skin Love at journey’s end