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My life is like an attic There’s a skylight in the roof But the corners of the room Remain in shadows   You are welcome in my attic To explore amongst my treasures But some of these boxes Must remain locked   As you rummage in my attic We smile and share memories But some […]

Light Fades

I cannot choose to be alone Because I’m full of so much love And need my loves around me   But loving is so very hard Not my beloveds’ fault at all You’re worthy of much more   For I am only flesh and bone I have to work so hard to be Good enough […]


At my feet I see I’ve built a cairn of stones A stone for every good time Every happy moment spent with you A stone for each precious memory   They fit so well, as stones seem to do Weeks pass and the cairn grows higher Delicate pebbles of muted hues A stone for each […]

Forgive Me

I think I know what love is But it may be I’m confused There are so many feelings That cause such pain   I know all about needing Cos I’m as needy as fuck Dependency addiction And junkie rage   As for all the wanting So much, all of the time The rush of emotion […]

My own hand

The day it died It was still a surprise Although we know that All things die   And when it died I was astonished To find the gun in My own hand   And so it died To my amazement I didn’t seem to Want to mourn   So it lies dead And I’m bemused […]


For a while I felt like I’d been rescued from a skip An old piece of furniture A new lease of life   To be restored and polished And admired once more A little new upholstery A fresh lick of paint   But then I realized The parts that were me Were being stripped out […]

World Poetry Day

It was World Poetry Day on 21st March. I have no idea why, it just was. And a couple of little poems came to me on the day – which I shared on Twitter (I’m @cupoftea69). I wrote another later the same week. They are nothing special – I’m still learning after all – but […]