February Welcome to the month of the kicked dog You’ll find us hiding by the bins Fearing the attention of those we love   January Starting the year with a headache to kill And a fruitless hope that The cell door will be opened soon Advertisements

My brain has twisted hard today Not like a 1960s dancer Or an ankle on a frozen puddle But like an eel Wiggling through a maze   The maze has many different paths You can’t just learn the one Or mark your chosen route For you must know All paths, all of the time   […]

It’s just me and the snow tonight I marvel at your beauty But know that I must mar it For my own good I am wrapped up in your silence But I must sweep you away To clear some space for my Own existence I wish I could just let you fall And take over […]

It’s a Universal Law The person you love best Above all things Can never feel the same About you   And of course The one who loves you most Is not the one That you can feel the same Way about   So people bounce Against each other Like excited molecules All the time   […]

Thank you so much to the people who have read, enjoyed and commented on my poems over the last few weeks. I’ve reached a point where everything I’ve felt happy enough with, and which I’ve felt ready to publish, is now on these pages. I know not everybody celebrates Christmas, and there are far too […]

The perfect moment Embracing in the silence Crystallized in time

A message from aliens, they say There’s weird stuff going on There are 234 stars Not like the rest   It makes me strangely happy, I think The idea of not being alone And that other planets May teem with life   I want us to be not alone, I’m sure Not special or unique […]