Remembering a perfect day, Came awake in my favourite place The sun rising over the estuary A longed-for Portmeirion dream   The woodland implores me to visit With birdsong and hot fragrant earth Secret vistas of  magical places My beloved Portmeirion dream   The coast path leads me back To places where thoughts are […]

on the day of my peaceful acceptance morning bright with springtime hues i awoke with the saddest conviction there was nothing to do about you I don’t think that this will break me, as i was broken from before i can cope with further fracture but will i make it to the door? on the […]

Something is stirring Mind and body awake To survey the wreckage Of what’s to be done   Machines are alive All maintained and gleaming Whilst others lie in rust Or smoking ruin   Machines that are still We must handle with care For they could explode At the slightest touch   Destroy all around The […]

So Dorothy Was looking for a wise man But all she found was A hobo, a robot and a fool   And Dorothy She quite liked the hobo But got so tired of Paying all the bills   Then Dorothy She liked the robot too But suffered as he Didn’t have a heart   So […]

And the snow crashes down from the roof as I see that Soon is a curse that means never Temporary appeasement to keep me sweet But soon is a curse that means never   I’m not unamused by the irony That soon is a curse that means never It’s not quite a lie and not […]

The broken star has been repaired At last But the join still shows (She was broken for years)   The broken star no longer cares At all The scar is proof of All her imperfections   The broken star is happier now All told No-one can expect Her to shine any more

I haven’t had the time or energy to write much of late; work has been insane and exhausting and real life for me has also been an intense time of excitement, wonder and occasional adventure, leaving little time for reflection and even less for typing. And if I were to start to write about what […]