For life is long And dreams can change And horizons get wider with age   For life is long And the paths you follow Are full of chance encounters   For life is long And rules that are made Can simply not always be kept   For life is long And full of dreams, […]

They can take away your job But cannot stop you thinking And creating something better For yourself   They can take away your home But it can live on in your heart Making a constant refuge From the pain   They can take you from your lover But cannot stop you loving And dreaming your […]

And I’m screaming at the sky because I know it’s over Wave after wave of impotent rage and grief The powerlessness to prevent that which I do not want Although I know in my heart that it’s all my fault   When I think of you I know you are not grieving About the absence […]

When I buy new shoes I worry that they’ll hurt But know this They aren’t truly mine Until they make me bleed   When I meet a cat I long for us to bond But know this Cats aren’t truly mine Until they make me bleed   When I meet a man I know I […]

It’s one of those days when you don’t want to be around me And of course that is totally fine Everyone feels that way sometimes   Yes one of those days (And I mean it when I say that it’s fine) You know I wouldn’t say that If it wasn’t completely true   It’s one […]

And what makes you think you have the right to respect? A creature of such modest means Your talents warrant no more than a place As a cog in a machine   And whyever do you think you deserve happiness? When it is in such short supply Why, even important people are sad So just […]

I want to watch the version of the movie Where I get to stay alive And end my days in calmness In a house beside the sea   I don’t want to see the horror flick About the girl who goes insane When love goes cold And rips her life away   Or the thriller […]